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The Proud History of Becker

Becker Mining Australia's has a rich history and solid commitment to the future. Starting as a family-owned company in Germany, Becker spans the globe. Proudly established in Australia with its national headquarters in NSW and offices located across the country.

Becker Mining Australia offers fully integrated products and services for both hard-rock and coal mines with core competencies in the fields of energy distribution, communication systems, proximity detection, automation, ventilation and pumping. As a world-leading system integrator in mine infrastructure, Becker Mining is committed to the safety, sustainability and energy-efficient operation of its clients.  

The Becker Mining Australia team ensures its products remain not only relevant but cutting edge, enabling them to be used in all mining operations to fulfil even the highest demands for use in explosive atmospheres.

Become Part of Our Future

The people who make up Becker Mining Australia are as diverse as its range of products and services. Engineers and business people, humanists and natural scientists, doers, and thinkers, practitioners and organisers. Innovation requires openness, which is why we are pleased that Becker brings together know-how from all directions and from all fields of knowledge. If you'd like to be part of the world-leading system integrator team in the mining industry we would love to hear from you.

Please send your CV to careers@au.becker-mining.com


Our Capabilities

  • 2021

    The Future of Fully Intergrated Mining Solutions

    Becker Mining Australia will continue to drive innovation and advance its integrated mining solutions and distribute them globally.

  • 2019

    Launch of ENDIS 4.0 & PROMOS 4.0

    Continuing a trend of technological advancement, Becker launches the world’s most controllable underground power distribution solution in conjunction with the world's most advanced intrinsically safe automation system.

  • 2014

    Becker Mining Milestone

    50th anniversary of the Becker Mining Systems Group; the only worldwide supplier of complete energy, automation, communication, transportation, and infrastructure technology for the mining industry. 

  • 2008

    Global Expansion

    Becker implements its diversity strategy, makes further acquisitions and strengthens foundations throughout Australia, South Africa, USA and Mexico

  • 2007

    Becker Mining Increases Acquisitions

    Becker Mining Systems strengthens its operations in Chile, South Africa and USA

  • 2003

    Becker Mining Australia Begins

    Becker Mining Australia is first established as subsidiaries are also created in Russia and Canada

  • 1983

    The Internationalisation of Becker Mining Systems

    The internationalisation of the company starts with subsidiaries in South Africa, Poland and China

  • 1975

    Key for German Coal Supply

    Becker establishes itself as the main supplier for the German coal industry

  • 1964

    Demand for Becker Mining Systems Increases

    In response to industry demand, the production of underground transport systems increases, and the production of electrical equipment begins.

  • 1964

    Walter Becker Sets the Foundations

    A family-owned company, Becker Mining Systems was founded in Germany. With headquarters in Friedrichsthal, Walter will foster a legacy as a market-leader, supplying the mining industry worldwide. 

talk to us about our customised solutions today



talk to us about our customised solutions today